Why do we prepare this data?

The food and fibre sectors create much economic value for New Zealand. We want to better understand its workforce to plan for its future.

Why we share this data

We develop, maintain and share this data to:

  • understand the sectors' labour needs and give support to fill these
  • know how labour needs are changing and what's causing the changes
  • prepare for workforce changes, for example, by providing training
  • support sectors' growth and improved productivity
  • establish a baseline of numbers, roles and skills so we know if initiatives are working.

Better understanding our data

The food and fibre sectors are large and diverse. It's hard to define where they start and end. These pages will help you understand who prepares this data, which businesses we include in the sector and why, how we've chosen the data and where it comes from.

When will we update the data?

We want to maintain and keep this data up-to-date, for example:

  • we'll update data from MPI's annual 'Situation and outlook for primary industries' (SOPI) in December each year.
  • Stats NZ updates its Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) roughly quarterly. As the data comes from tax returns, we'll update our data around 18 months after the end of the tax year it relates to.

Skills action plans

Industry and Government have worked together on the 'Food and fibre skills action plan 2019–2022' and 'Forestry and wood processing workforce action plan 2020–2024'. 

These plans set out actions to increase workforce knowledge, strengthen attraction and education pipelines, and improve employment practices and retention.