Which businesses do we include?

We include these business activities, listed by ANZSIC06 categories, in our data about the food and fibre workforce.


Core production

A014900 Other grain growing​

A015900 Other crop growing

Core processing/manufacturing

C116100 Grain mill product manufacturing​

C119200 Prepared animal and bird feed manufacturing     ​

Strongly connected

C116200 Cereal, pasta and baking mix manufacturing​

C117100 Bread manufacturing (factory based)​

C117200 Cake and pastry manufacturing (factory based)​

C117300 Biscuit manufacturing (factory based)​

C117400 Bakery product manufacturing (non-factory based)​

C118100 Sugar manufacturing​

C121200 Beer manufacturing​

C121300 Spirit manufacturing​

F331200 Cereal grain wholesaling​

I530100 Grain storage services​


C118200 Confectionary manufacturing​​


Core production

A016000 Dairy cattle farming​

Core processing/manufacturing

C113100 Milk and cream processing​

C113200 Ice cream manufacturing​

C113300 Cheese and other dairy product manufacturing​

Strongly connected

F360300 Dairy produce wholesaling​

Forestry and wood processing

Core production

A030100 Forestry​

A030200 Logging​

A051000 Forestry support services​

Core processing/manufacturing

C141100 Log sawmilling​

C141200 Wood chipping​

C141300 Timber resawing and dressing​

C149300 Veneer and plywood manufacturing​

C149400 Reconstituted wood product manufacturing​

C151000 Pulp, paper and paperboard manufacturing​

Strongly connected

C149200 Wooden structural fitting and component manufacturing​

C149900 Other wood product manufacturing

C152100 Corrugated paperboard and paperboard container manufacturing​

C152200 Paper bag manufacturing​

C251100 Wooden furniture and upholstered seat manufacturing​

F333100 Timber wholesaling​


C149100 Prefabricated wooden building manufacturing​

C152300 Paper stationery manufacturing​

C152400 Sanitary paper product manufacturing​

C152900 Other converted paper product manufacturing​


Core production

A011100 Nursery production (under cover)

A011200 Nursery production (outdoors)

A011300 Turf growing

A011400 Floriculture production (under cover)

A011500 Floriculture production (outdoors)

A012100 Mushroom growing

A012200 Vegetable growing (under cover)

A012300 Vegetable growing (outdoors)

A013100 Grape growing

A013200 Kiwifruit growing

A013300 Berry fruit growing

A013400 Apple and pear growing

A013500 Stone fruit growing

A013600 Citrus fruit growing

A013700 Olive growing

A013900 Other fruit and tree nut growing

Core processing/manufacturing

C114000 Fruit and vegetable processing

C121400 Wine and other alcoholic beverage manufacturing

N732000 Packaging services

I530900 Other warehousing and storage services

Strongly connected

C119100 Potato, corn and other crisp manufacturing

F360500 Fruit and vegetable wholesaling


C121100 Soft drink, cordial and syrup manufacturing

Pork, poultry, bees and other

Core production

A017100 Poultry farming (meat)

A017200 Poultry farming (eggs)

A019100 Horse farming

A019200 Pig farming

A019300 Beekeeping

A019900 Other livestock farming

A042000 Hunting and trapping

Core processing/manufacturing

C111200 Poultry processing

Strongly connected

C119900 Other food product manufacturing

F331900 Other agricultural product wholesaling

Red meat and wool

Core production

A014100 Sheep farming (specialised)

A014200 Beef cattle farming (specialised)

A014300 Beef cattle feedlots (specialised)

A014400 Sheep-beef cattle farming

A014500 Grain-sheep or grain-beef cattle farming

A018000 Deer farming

A052200 Shearing services

Core processing/manufacturing

C111100 Meat processing

C131100 Wool scouring

C131200 Natural textile manufacturing

C132000 Leather tanning, fur dressing and leather product manufacturing

Strongly connected

C111300 Cured meat and smallgoods manufacturing

C133100 Textile floor covering manufacturing

F331100 Wool wholesaling

F360200 Meat, poultry and smallgoods wholesaling


C133300 Cut and sewn textile product manufacturing


Core production

A020100 Longline and rack (offshore) aquaculture

A020200 Caged (offshore) aquaculture

A020300 Onshore aquaculture

A041100 Rock lobster and crab potting

A041200 Prawn fishing

A041300 Line fishing

A041400 Fish trawling, seining and netting

A041900 Other fishing

Core processing/manufacturing

C112000 Seafood processing

Strongly connected

F360400 Fish and seafood wholesaling


C239100 Shipbuilding and repair services

C239200 Boatbuilding and repair services

Cross sector

Core production

A052900 Other agriculture and fishing support services

Strongly connected

C183100 Fertiliser manufacturing

C183200 Pesticide manufacturing

C184200 Veterinary pharmaceutical and medicinal product manufacturing

C246100 Agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing

M697000 Veterinary services


C115000 Oil and fat manufacturing

C203100 Cement and lime manufacturing

C133200 Rope, cordage and twine manufacturing

F332300 Industrial and agricultural chemical product wholesaling

F341100 Agricultural and construction machinery wholesaling

I461000 Road freight transport

I471000 Rail freight transport

I521100 Stevedoring services

I521200 Port and water transport terminal operations

M691000 Scientific research services

M692300 Engineering design and engineering consulting services

M692500 Scientific testing and analysis services

M700000 Computer system design and related services


N721200 Labour supply services

Sector-specific visas

We include people holding Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) or Crew (fishing) work visas, regardless of where employed.

Their visas' work restrictions tell us which sector they work in. When we found holders under other business activities – perhaps because their employer undertakes several activities – we moved them into horticulture or seafood as appropriate.