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About these charts

  • These charts show monthly change in workforce numbers and right-to-work status by designation.
  • The first, a line chart, shows sector workforce numbers by designation.
  • The other charts are area charts showing right-to-work status for each sector-designation combination for the chosen sector.
  • We exclude designations with estimated counts – 'relevant' and 'other'.
  • Scale may not begin at zero because charts auto-fit to the data.

Useful features

  • Show exact numbers by holding the mouse over the chart.
  • Narrow or widen date range using the handles at the bottom of the chart.
  • Hide or show a series by clicking its name in the legend below the chart.
  • View full screen or download in different formats using the 'hamburger' menu top right.


  • Past year numbers can change as: (1) the IDI extracts are on an "as at" point in time basis, so data refreshes will re-read in any backdated data updates submitted by data providers; and (2) every data refresh involves re-extracting all the past years which are then subjected to Stats NZ's random rounding rules.